Welcome to A.P. Energy Ltd

A.P. Energy Ltd. is a independent, Cyprus-based company focused on providing solutions and action that leads to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions - a key contributor to man-made climate change. A.P. Energy was established a number of years ago and started with two entrepreneur with a business and technical expertise within the renewable energy sector, we pride ourselves in transparency and professional conduct in all aspects of our business.

We provide full feasibilities in the energy sector, with a number of research projects that are currently studying. A.P. Energy has a presence in a number of countries within Europe and we are currently looking at other beneficial enterprises within these countries.

Our Objective

'to promote, research, develop and implement new initiatives in renewable energy'

The renewable energy sector is growing - fast. We're here to help it grow throughout Europe and successfully will bring economic benefits. including increased employment and investment, and the development of a secure, competitive and successful renewable market which will benefit us all in ways we may not immediately recognise.

Climate change, security of supply and stable markets may sound like abstract concepts, but these are key to our quality of life. Generating more renewable energy will help ensure a future for the agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors. We're here to make sure that the we takes the best advantage of the enormous opportunities on offer to us.

We are committed to ensuring the right market and policy climate exists in order to power homes and industry with renewable electricity.

By increasing public understanding of renewable energy, supporting improvements in skills and awareness, we will bring the development of renewable energy economy into the mainstream.

Our Purpose

To help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by helping governments and the public to use energy more efficiently and implement renewable energy strategies and the next generation of energy production. We provide a variety of services including research and development, Development of renewable energy sites, feasibility studies all targeted to the renewable energy sector.